Laura Fella

Joined FAUN 2017

Laura has participated in the school choir since her early childhood, later on she stayed musically active in small Jamming Groups. Her passion for Folk (especially Scandinavian) stayed always strong. Later on, she was the lead singer for “Mrs. Robert Cube”, which she recorded an album with. Among a classical basic training and continuing education, it was her effort on several studio projects that taught her the most.
Overall it’s Nordic and Irish tunes that stamp her style. Besides that, she was learning to play the Bass and as of late she also fell in love with the Mandola. After touring Europe and supporting the mighty Folk Metal Band “Eluveitie” during the second half of 2016, she finally arrived here, with Faun.

Instruments: Vocals, Framedrum & Mandola

– Personal questions –

1. Where do you get your fantastic clothing from – or who is making it for you?
Laura: In my case I am lucky enough to sew and make a lot of things myself. My grandparents were tailors and taught me how to sew before I even could read – which I now can make use of wonderfully, of course. However – most of the time I’m combining self-made items with findings from markets and old things I inherited or still have in my closet There are hardly any limits to the imagination. 😉

2. What do you think about the topic “closeness to nature” and what does it mean
for you personally?

Laura: To me nature means the connection to everything, but also to ourselves. Here we’re able to find answers, but also comfort and home. We are part of nature and – in our fast, cold world – we should always remember make sure to keep this in mind, because we depend on it!

3. Does the work on a song text rather take place in a quiet little room or do you
forge together the right words and rhythm?

Laura: I’d say that it can vary from song to song. Sometimes one is working on some lyrics over years, bringing them to perfection all alone before they find their way onto the songwriting table – and sometimes one throws small fragments in, so we’re forming together finished lyrics out of it (which, of course, is tons of fun!). The rhythm is mostly dependent on the melody and the music in general – sometimes we have to polish the lyrics rhythm-wise, especially if there was no music at the time of writing.

4. What is your favorite book?
Laura: „The Secret Garden“ by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

5. FAUN has so many wonderful songs – if you had to choose one – which would be
your favorite?

Laura: If I really was allowed to choose one only, it would be „Das Tor“.