Our new song “Blot” is OUT NOW!

You can stream the song on all platforms here

The video premiers on Sunday at 5:30 PM CET – join us for a live chat around 4:30 PM – find it here

„Blót“ is an old Norse word meaning „sacrifice“. There are also special feast days in the culture of the Vikings in which ritual „sacrifices“ were offered to create a balance between „giving“ and „taking“. FAUN set very old texts to music here, such as the „Heimskringla“ from the 13th century or the „Strassburger Blutsegen“! from the 11th century. Together with old instruments, such as moraharpa, hurdy-gurdy and flutes and polyphonic choirs, an insight into the musical world and pagan culture of ancient Northern Europe is provided here.

Yours, FAUN



We have INCREDIBLE news!
We’re really proud to announce that we’ll finally come across the Atlantic to headline an East Coast Tour 2024, hitting the United States and Canada!
We will be playing across the country, covering 12 different states at beautiful venues.
In the last few years, we played a handful of festivals in the USA. By sure it’s time to come back and meet you wonderful people at one of our pagan-folk shows!

Come and join us in this unique opportunity and our very first long journey – dates below, find all ticket links here, on our website!

We are so excited!
Yours, FAUN

19.09.2024 – Atlanta GA – Center Stage TICKET
21.09.2024 – Charlotten NC – Neighborhood Theatre
22.09.2024 – Asheville NC – The Orange Peel
25.09.2024 – Richmond VA – The National
27.09.2024 – Baltimore MD – Baltimore Soundstage
27.09.2024 – New York NY – Le Poisson Rouge
28.09.2024 – Somerville MA – Somerville Theatre
29.09.2024 – Montreal QC – Le National
01.10.2024 – Toronto ON – The Axis Club
02.10.2024 – Millvale PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
04.10.2024 – Detroit MI – Majestic Theatre
06.10.2024 – Chicago IL – Metro



We just released our new song & video “UMAY” together with the great turkish singer “Fatma Turgut”. „UMAY“ is the name of an ancient fertility goddess.

The earliest mention of this goddess appears in the 8th century in the Orkhon inscriptions. These are texts in ancient Turkic runes on a large rune stone in Mongolia.
With this song we want to take you back into the world of Tengriism, the ancient animistic religion of the Turkic peoples and Mongols from Central Asia.
So we really hope that you like this musical journey!

Yours, FAUN


FAUN Summershows & Festivals 2024

While Fall winds are howling outside and the cold and silent times are slowly covering the homes of FAUN, we are already starting to dream of Spring and Summer.

There will be plenty of opportunities to embrace the warm months together and we hope to see as many as possible of you underneath the starry skies!

26.04.2024 – DE – Hexentanz Festival
28.06.2024 – DE – Weißer Hirsch Dresden
29.06.2024 – DE – Hörnerfest
28.07.2024 – DE – Rittergut Positz
02.08.2024 – DE – Freiluftbühne Würselen
03.08.2024 – DE – MPS Bückeburg
24.08.2024 – DE – MPS Speyer
29.08.2024 – DE – Bad Zwischenahn
30.08.2024 – DE – Nürnberg
31.08.2024 – AT – Eggenburg

You can find all tickets linked in our “Tour” Rider!

Yours, FAUN

FAUN returns to Turkey!

After a unforgettable time last year, it is with the greatest pleasure, that we announce our return to Turkey in November:

Nov 25th – Ankara
Nov 26th – Istanbul
Tickets via

şimdiden heyecanla bekliyoruz!


FAUN Balladenreise 2024

Heroic, fairy and pagan ballads give us a glimpse into an enchanting world that has fallen far too much into oblivion.
To celebrate the beauty of these ballads, we’ve created this new series of concerts.
In noble, seated concert halls and churches we’re inviting you to a musical journey, both in acoustic and full cast.

We’ll sing you of fairies, heroes, wizards, mermaids, trolls and many old gods, taking you away to many other worlds.

Get your tickets via

Looking forward already!
Yours, FAUN


FAUN – „PAGAN“ Tour Europe 2023

Dear friends!
Soon we will start the second, big part of our “PAGAN” Tour Europe!
Our first show is on March 1st and the whole tour will take us to 9 countries and 11 cities!
However, due to the unchanged tense situation NYTT LAND will also not be able to travel and play with us as support act in March.
And once again we are blessed bringing a more than worthy replacement on board:
we are very proud and happy to announce that our friends from EMIAN • PaganFolk Music (Italy) will join us on this tour block, too, and support us!
Tickets & Info’s via:
We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!
Yours, FAUN.
FAUN „PAGAN“ Europe:
01.03.2023 – DE – Hamburg
02.03.2023 – DK – Copenhagen
03.03.2023 – SE – Stockholm
04.03.2023 – NO -Oslo
05.03.2023 – SE – Gothenburg
07.03.2023 – FI – Helsinki
08.03.2023 – EE -Tallinn
09.03.2023 – LV – Riga
10.03.2023 – PL – Warsaw
11.03.2023 – PL – Krakaw
12.03.2023 – CZ – Prague


FAUN returns to London! Support: Paris Paloma

On April 7th we will return to London to play our only concert in England in 2023!
For this special event we could win a great support act: The wonderful singer/songwriter Paris Paloma.
Even for those who don’t live in London we recommend to come by (isn´t a weekend in London always great) to not miss this special evening!
We are already looking forward to seeing you!
Yours, FAUN.
The last 3 Shows in Germany for 2022!

We just realized that we’re only playing 3 more shows in Germany in 2022!
Oct 29th 2022
Laupheim / Kulturhaus
Only 23km from Ulm and 100km from Stuttgart we play this unseated Best-Of- concert in the great Kulturhaus Laupheim.
Oct 30th 2022
51702 Bergneustadt / Liedermachertage
Only 60km away from Cologne we play at this great event a seated Best-Of-concert:
Nov 26th 2022
Dortmund / Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt
Together with bands “Skald” & “Eklipse” we will play at this amazing medieval christmas market an unseated Open Air concert.
Looking forward!
Yours, FAUN.
FAUN “Märchen & Mythen” Tour Finale

After more than 2.5 years we played our last concert of the “Märchen & Mythen” tour last Sunday and celebrated a heartwarming finale with you in Berlin.
We had a wonderful time – thank you all for the great atmosphere and for waiting so long for us!

Your, FAUN.


FAUN “PAGAN” Tour Europe

In October our newest album “PAGAN” will find its way to various european cities as our Europe Tour will start.

Together with our great support act NYTT LAND, who are the perfect fit with their mystical and ingenious music.

First shows are either sold out or low in tickets, so we highly recommend ticket presale!
Find all ticket links here on our Homepage!

Looking forward!
Yours, FAUN.

FAUN “PAGAN” Tour Europe:

19.10.2022 – NL – Venlo
20.10.2022 – NL – Utrecht
21.10.2022 – FR – Paris
22.10.2022 – FR – Rennes
23.10.2022 – FR – Bordeaux
25.10.2022 – ES – Madrid
26.10.2022 – ES – Barcelona
27.10.2022 – FR – Lyon
28.10.2022 – IT – Milano
10.11.2022 – TU – Ankara
11.11.2022 – TU – Izmir
12.11.2022 – TU – Istanbul
02.03.2023 – DK – Copenhagen
03.03.2023 – SE – Stockholm
04.03.2023 – NO – Oslo
05.03.2023 – SE – Gothenburg
07.03.2023 – FI – Helsinki
08.03.2023 – EE – Talinn
09.03.2023 – LV – Riga
10.03.2023 – PO – Warsaw
11.03.2023 – PO – Krakau
12.03.2023 – CZ – Prague

FAUN “PAGAN” Tour Germany

We are still very proud of our latest album “PAGAN” and all the positive reactions have been overwhelming.
Therefore we couldn’t miss the chance to bring this album live on stage.

After touring through 14 different countries with “PAGAN”, the Tour will culminate in April and May 2023 in 7 noble venues in Germany.

As Special Guest we are happy to welcome “Stellamara” from the USA with the exceptional singer Sonja Drakulich, whom some of you might already know.

As these are seated concerts in different categories, we recommend Ticket PreSale-

You can find all tickets via here

Looking forward!
Yours, FAUN.

“Pagan” #3 German Album Charts

Many of you might have heard it already – our new album “Pagan” has entered the German album charts at number 3!
Incredible, as we managed all this without a big label and all on our own.
Therefore at this point 1000 thanks to you, our wonderful fans, for your support. This was only possible because of you.

Accordingly, we celebrated with you last Friday in Ludwigsburg, at our acoustic show in the beautiful Friedenskirche.

Yours, FAUN.


Gwydion, our – with all modesty – really epic work is released today!
Together with our friends, the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, we tell you here the saga of the Celtic wizard “Gwydion”. 
In addition, we are very proud of the music video for Gwydion, in which none other than Wolf-Dieter Storl and the Perchten “Soj Kirchseeon” participated.
You can find it here:
“Gwydion” – Official Music Video
You can help us by sharing the video.
We hope you like it as much as we do!
Yours, FAUN.

Neue Single & Live Video “Tamlin”

Medieval ballads have always been close to our hearts.
Therefore, we are very pleased to publish our version of this old Scottish ballad.
“Tamlin” tells the story of a young man, who gets kidnapped by the queen of the fairies.
From today you can listen to “Tamlin” on all streaming portals or enjoy the live video from 18:00h CET on Youtube.
We hope you enjoy our short musical insight into the fairy realm of old Scotland.
Yours, FAUN.

Neues Live Video – FAUN “Ne Aludj El”

To get you in the mood for our upcoming FAUN ACOUSTIC Tour, you can find a video of our Greek/Hungarian piece “Ne Aludj El” here:
FAUN – Ne Aludj El LIVE
We are already immensely looking forward to seeing you again on our Acoustic Tour in Germany:
26.04. Cologne
27.04. Bochum
28.04. Erfurt
29.04. Ludwigsburg
30.04. Nuremberg
05.05. Hanover
06.05. Dresden
07.05. Berlin
08.05. Neuruppin
13.05. Magdeburg
14.05. Leipzig.
Tickets via:
Yours, FAUN

Neue Single & Musikvideo “Neun Welten”

We are very proud to present you our new song “Neun Welten”.

“Neun Welten” is a very special, significant song for us, as it stands, in addition to the motif of the “Nine Worlds” in Norse mythology, above all for a tremendous journey, which must be covered in the course of a catharsis.

In this case, it leads back to oneself, one’s own roots – the “pure heart”.

We are also very proud of the music video, which you can find here:

Yours, FAUN.

FAUN “PAGAN” – PreOrder
Our new album “PAGAN” will be out April 22 2022!
“PAGAN” will be released in these editions:
– VINYL – in noble gatefold – numbered and limited to only 500 pieces worldwide!!!
– EAR BOOK – CD incl. bonus tracks in a 100-page 4 color hardcover book
– LIMITED EAR BOOK – CD incl. bonus tracks & 90 minutes DVD (from our online concert 2021) in a 100 pages 4c hardcover book limited to only 1500 copies worldwide!!

Only while stocks last!!!

You can help us by sharing the news, as PreOrders help us getting through this second winter without concerts.
We are immensely proud and grateful  for your support,!
Yours, FAUN.
FAUN Acoustic Tour Spring 2022

Although we’re still in the midth of winter, we are already dreaming of what spring is holding for us.

We’re already pretty excited for our first tour in two years:

FAUN Acoustic Spring 2022
All experts say that such seated concerts in churches with a capacity of less than 1000 visitors will be 100% possible in spring 2022 – so, let’s go for it!

Therefore, we are already looking forward to being on the road again, packed with our smaller show and to enchant as many of you as possible with acoustic songs and medieval ballads.

Tickets are already available at:

Yours, FAUN.

New Live Video – FAUN “November”
In these dark and uncertain days we’d like to bring you a little joy with this hopeful song.
Enjoy the video of our Acoustic Online Concert, back in December 2020, where Oliver plays our song “November”.
Find the video here:

Keep faith and continue to have a magical yule time!

Yours, FAUN.

New Single – FAUN “Wainamoinen”
Our new song “Wainamoinen” is OUT NOW.
Find the single on all platforms.
Also, you can see and hear the live video of “Wainamoinen” here:
“Wainamoinen”, a romantic ballad with celtic harp and vocals, dives deep into Finnish mythology.
At this point a huge thank you to our producer Tonschale – Alex Schulz.
With his amazing skills and his patience he is responsible for the great quality and the special magic behind each one of our new songs.
Thank you, Alex!
And now enjoy “Wainamoinen”!
Yours, FAUN.
FAUN & Sonic Seducer – Pagan Halloween

You can now pre-order this strictly limited 3-track deluxe 7″ vinyl single.
IT will be signed and strictly limited, featuring our new songs “Halloween” & “Tamlin” in an extra vinyl mastering, as well as an exclusive live version of our ballad “Tanz über die Brücke”.

By ordering this vinyl single, you also get an EP (which will also be included in the Sonic Seducer magazine 2022-04) containing four new FAUN songs – two of them exclusive!

You can find more info here:…/9231-jetzt-vorbestellen…

At this point a big thank you to the Sonic Seducer Musicmagazine for the great help over all those years and to Iseris – Photography for the beautiful photo.

Yours, FAUN.

New Single – FAUN “Galdra” feat. Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna)
Our new song “Galdra” feat. dear friend and amazing singer Lindy-Fay Hella is OUT NOW!
You can find it on all platforms – the full length video is on Youtube.
At this point a huge thank you to everyone involved and especially to Lifelight – Kilian Keuchel for the great cut & editing.
“Galdra” is diving deep into old nordic myths – check our Social Media Channels for more info.
Yours, FAUN.
New Single – FAUN “Halloween”

Our time is becoming increasingly fast-paced.
In order not to lose the connection to mother earth, we believe it is important to become aware of the change of the seasons with the help of Wheel-of-the-year-celebrations.
Samhain / Halloween is such a holiday that can help us to tune into the dark half of the year and to remember our ancestors and roots.
We therefore hope our song and video called “Halloween”, we created a helper to remind us  how important, wonderful and magickal such festivals and rituals can be.
Be it with a little incense burning at home with mugwort, with appropriate songs or with wild dances around the fire, we wish you a blessed Samhain / Halloween night and would be happy if you share our video diligently, so that more people will find access to the ancient magick again.
Yours, FAUN.


Neues Live Video – FAUN “Pearl”
Just to brighten this autumn day for you, we just published a song from our last online concert back in March 2021 on Youtube: “PEARL”.
You can find the video here:
Yours, FAUN.

We are stoked to have another FAUN concert for this summer confirmed:

We will play in the olympic stadium, right in the heart of beautiful Munich in less than three weeks time!

There is more than enough space for distance between the visitors – therefore this special show will for sure not be postponed.

Find your tickets via:


Share this event with your friends and family, so we can make some great memories in 2021 all together – something we surely need after the last, lonely winter.

Looking forward!
Yours, FAUN.

Finally, an end to the pandemic seems in sight.
Summer is here and even some festivals for 2021 are comfirmed.
Nevertheless, we have to announce that we have to postpone the five remaining „Märchen & Mythen Tour“ concerts, which we had to postpone already to autumn 2021 due to Covid.
We think  it is likely that it is still not possible to hold indoor concerts with e.g. more than 1600 visitors in September 2021.
We apologize once again for the inconvenience and hope that everyone will find time on the new dates for an evening with us and our songs from the realm of fairy tales.
The tickets will of course remain valid.
We thank you for your understanding and are immensely looking forward to the foreseeable end of this patience test.
Yours, FAUN.
The 4 remaining Märchen & Mythen Shows will be:
08.07.2022 München – Circus Krone
15.09.2022 Erfurt – Alte Oper
16.09.2022 Chemnitz – Stadthalle
17.09.2022 Halle –  Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Halle
18.09.2022 Berlin – Admiralspalast
We had to change three dates of our Acoustic-Tour. So here are the final dates for our seated FAUN ACOUSTIC CHURCH TOUR, which will feature romantic ballads and medieval music in the beautiful atmosphere of very old churches. At this point a big thank you to Caro from Extratours, who has been booking the concerts for us for many years and who has put together this really wonderful tour (and unfortunately had to postpone it). The ticket sale starts today at:
We are already looking forward to it,
yours Faun.

Big News!
Soon we will play our second online concert and this time it will be our big concert program!
This includes archaic Paganfolk with the greatest hits of our repertoire, new instruments, songs we’ve never played before and many surprises.
It will also be our first Paganfolk concert in new line-up with wonderful Adaya.
You can watch the online concert at any time (also multiple times) from March 19 – March 22.

Tickets (also limited hardtickets) and further information can be found via:

We are already looking forward to you,
Yours, FAUN.


On Dec 12th we’re going to play this exclusive FAUN Acoustic concert.
The whole show will be accompanied by an atmospheric light show and filmed by several cameras, bringing the optimal live experience to your home.
Afterwards it will be possible for those of you having a GOLD- or CREW-Ticket, to talk with us by VideoChat .
We will then sit comfortably on a couch, answering your questions and chit-chatting with you.

You can find your tickets here:

Looking forward!

Yours, FAUN.

We are very proud to present the dates for our church tour in March and April 2021.
We’ve not only selected very unique churches for this seated acoustic tour upcoming spring, but are also currently working on a wonderful acoustic program including the most beautiful early pieces and some brand new songs.
Advance ticket sales have started today via:
Getting tickets via pre-sale is strongly recommend as these churches are very limited in capacity and have been sold out fast in the past.
We are already looking forward!
Yours, FAUN.
FAUN ACOUSTIC August 15th in Dachau near Munich

Our very first concert since the Covid-19 crisis!
Already on August 15th we’ll present you our new FAUN ACOUSTIC program live in Dachau near Munich.
The concert is open air and seated – of course we’re following all safety guidelines.
Make sure to get the best seats as soon as possible, as tickets are limited.
You can find them via

We can’t wait to see you there,
Yours, FAUN.

„TAMLIN“ – a new FAUN Song

Due to the corona crisis we’re facing (for the first time in our band history) a summer without concerts. Therefore we decided to release a brand new FAUN song on Bandcamp.

“Tamlin” is an old Scottish ballad about a young man who has been robbed by the queen of fairies.

You can not only listen to to the full version of „Tamlin“ on Bandcamp, but by donating 4 € or more you can stream the song on Bandcamp more than three times and download it in a good quality. Therefore we would be very grateful if you would help us through these hard times by purchasing our song.
PLEASE ALSO SHARE THIS POS! so that as many people as possible get to know about „Tamlin“.
We’re truly missing the concerts and especially YOU (!) very much these days.

See you hopefully very soon again,
Yours, FAUN.


Due to the current pandemic, we unfortunately had no chance but to postpone the remaining five concerts of our “Märchen & Mythen Deutschland Tour” for another time.

The remaining concerts  will therefore not take place in September 2020, but on the following dates:

17.09.2021 Halle – Händel Halle
18.09.2021 Erfurt – Alte Oper
19.09.2021 Berlin – Admiralspalast
20.09.2021 München – Circus Krone
15.10.2021 Chemnitz – Stadthalle

Tickets and seat reservations stay valid. 

We apologize once again for any inconvenience caused by the postponed shows. 

This has been a very difficult and unpleasant decision to us as well but unfortunately it is impossible for us to play the dates in September 2020. We tried hard and luckily managed to find worthy alternative dates in these very popular concert halls.
These times aren’t easy, but we remain optimistic and look forward to 2021!

Yours, FAUN.


We are very happy to introduce our newest band member: Adaya!

She is not only a great singer and songwriter, she also plays the celtic harp, bagpipes, various flutes, bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, banjo, lyra and many more.

Considering herself a musical citizen of the world, having strong roots in Celtic tradition.

Adaya has already released two solo CDs and been on the road for many years with medieval bands, such as the great “Kel Amrun”. With her warm folk voice and her instrumental skills we found ourselves underlying her spell immediately.

So we are already writing new songs together and may announce at this point that – also due to a label change –  our musical journey will be rougher, more folk and a lot more archaic again.

If you want to get more information about Adaya and her solo project, please visit her homepage at:
We are looking forward to our upcoming adventures and welcome Adaya in the family,

Yours, Faun.


Foto by Iseris – Photography

Postponed Tourdates due to Covid-19

On April 15th, German government issued a statement that major events will be banned until August 31st 2020. The number of people from which a big event is too big to be held will be decided individually by the single states. This means that it cannot be foreseen yet, whether, for example, the gathering of 900 peacefully celebrating faun fans in July will be possible underneath the open sky in a manor in Thuringia. As soon as we know that a date will be cancelled for sure, we will announce it immediately on our homepage and on the social media platforms – along with an alternative date at the very same time.
The already purchased tickets remain valid!
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding in this not easy time for us either.
Enjoy the spring as much as you can, stay healthy and see you soon,
Yours, Faun.

We will celebrate our new CD “Märchen & Mythen” (fairytales and myths) in 12 classy concert venues in Germany. With a unique light show, a new stage design, the alchemist “Kelvin Kalvus” as a guest and many other highlights. There will be tickets in different categories and also limited “gold tickets” again. The ticket presale starts today via: Therefore we highly recommend to get your tickets as soon as possible to still get good places for celebrating this musical journey into the magical aspects of fairytales and myths with us.
Wow, we are absolutely happy and proud that our CD entered the German album charts at number 6.
Many thanks for your support and wonderful winter days, hopefully a little enchanted by “fairy tales & myths”.
Yours Faun.
CD “MÄRCHEN & MYTHEN” (Fairytales & Myths) (Release Nov. 15th 2019)
After more than three years of work we will release our new CD on the 15th November. “Märchen & Mythen” will be a musical journey into the enchanted realm of old German fairytales.
Via this link you can preorder the CD and listen to the first singles:ärchenmythen.
Muito Obrigado Brazil!!! Thanks a lot Brazil. We had an awesome tour, sold out venues and the most amazing audience. We hope to come back as soon as possible!!!

Foto by: Sérgio Scarpelli

Thanks a lot for this most amazing open air festival season 2018.
The festivals, the organizers, helpers, our crew and most importantly the audience, we simply couldn’t imagine a better environment. Some photos from the festival are now in our Gallery.

(Photo: Kees Stravers)


The greatest songs and highlights of the band history of FAUN intergrated in one anniversary tour. With great guests like for example: Lisa Pawelke, Flo Janoschke (Versengold) and many more. We strongly recommend the ticket presale via:

Finally our new online shop is ready. Here you can find all the FAUN products, but also our side projects. We ship worldwide. If you are interested or searching for christmas presents, please visit us at: 
Yours FAUN
Midgard managed rank #3 in the German Album Charts. We are very thankful for everybody who helped us on our musical journey into the North and hope to share this journey with many more people in the coming days, weeks and months.
Thank you so very much, yours FAUN
Summer is here!!! You can find us with our Paganfolk Powerset at many great festivals or with our seated summer concerts, where you will hear a mixed set of romantic ballads and driving folk tunes. (for example: 7.7. Rosenhof / 21.7. Immenstadt / 30.7. Burglengenfeld / 17.9. Neunkirchen / 24.9. Hanau). Further infos on our ON TOUR page. (Right photo by Dagmar Leischner)
FAUN’s Katja Moslehner, who was with us since the CD “Von den Elben” have decided to go separate ways. We wish Katja the very best of luck on her musical journey and would like to say thanks for all the years and adventures that we’ve shared together.
If you like to stay informed about Katja’s music, visit her at:
As a replacement, we now present you LAURA FELLA, who will join us on stage from 2017 onwards. We were acquainted with Laura for quite a little while. She is not only a great musician, but also her character is fitting very much to FAUN. Like us, she loves folk and especially the celtic and nordic music. She is not only a great singer, but also plays the Mandola and frame drums. During the last months she was with our friends, Eluveitie, as a singer at their concerts. Prior to that, she was on the road with many other bands.
You can see Laura’s debut appearence on stage with us at the MIDGARD TOUR.
In March 2017 we will finally perform MIDGARD live on stage. With a new stage design, a new light show, new songs and the best selection of our old songs and with such great guests as Einar Selvik (WARDRUNA) and Marton Seeberg (TROLSKA POLSA, ASYNJE, ex VALRAVN).
Tickets for the numbered seats are already available via: 
Looking forward very much, yours FAUN.
To celebrate the winter nights, we will play this FAUN Acoustic Tour in November 2016 in beautiful churches all over Germany. Many churches are already completely or nearly sold out. Therefore we highly recommend the tickets presale via: 
CD: FAUN MIDGARD (Released 19.8.2016)
On friday the 19th of August 2016 we will release our new CD “MIDGARD”.
“MIDGARD” will be a musical journey into the north. Into the myths and the world of the vikings and the northern celts. We will sing about Alswinn, the sky horse, about nights in enchanted birch forests, about sun celebrations, ravens, foxes and about Odin himself. With the help of great guest musicians like for example Wardruna (Norway), Efren Lopez (Spain), Martin Seeberg (Denmark) and Maya Fridman (Russia) and an elaborate illustrated booklet MIDGARD will be released in two editions:
MIDGARD – Standard Edition with 11 Songs and MIDGARD – Limited Deluxe Edition in Digipack with 15 Songs & 28 pages Booklet.
“Luna” is a very mystic, romantic and also personal CD of ours. Thus we are especially proud and happy, that “Luna” got a gold award now. We like to say a big thank you to everybody who helped us with “Luna” and to everybody who followed us on this moonlit journey into the night. Yours FAUN
We are very happy to have the possibility for 2016 to book a couple of concerts outside of Germany, countries we’ve not been for a while and even two concerts in Russia, where we have never been before.
Looking forward, yours FAUN.
Thanks a lot to everybody who made this truly magical concert possible. FAUN in a sold out mine, 500 meters below the surface. It was an honor for us to sing our songs in this gigantic halls and endless labyrinth of mines.
Our next two concerts will be under open skies again at the beautiful medieval festival MPS in Bückeburg & Karlsruhe.
We are much looking forward to it, yours FAUN.
We simply loved our first festival show of this summer at the MPS Bückeburg. Thanks a lot.
Here are two fotos of the concert (pic Oliver by Kees Stravers). We are already looking forward a lot to the coming summer concert nights together with you. Yours FAUN.
Wow!!! what beautiful summer days and what amazing news. Our CD “Von den Elben” got a Platinum Award.
Our big thank you, to everybody who was involved in this success.
Years ago, when we were sitting at the bonfires and sang songs of noble knights, trolls and nature religion, we would have never even dared to dream about such a success.
So we raise our glasses, to everyone who was helping us and also to everybody who was listening to our songs and visited us at our concerts. This mesmerizing adventure “FAUN” doesn’t stop to surprise and enchant us. Therefore we already looking forward to the next chapters in this wonderful book called “FAUN” and of course we still sing our songs of noble knights, trolls and nature religion with our deepest conviction and from the bottom of our hearts. Yours FAUN.
Just a couple of days ago so many people crossed their fingers for our participation at the Eurovision Song contest preshow, and now comes the next event. We are nominated for the biggest German music award the “Echo” in the category “Rock/Pop Band national”. We think we won’t have a big chance against German music giants like “die Fantastischen Vier”, but still we are honoured to be nominated with such a personal and mystic CD like “LUNA”.
Therefore, a big thank you to everybody who participated in “LUNA” and to the people, fans and friends, who stayed by our side for all those years.
On 26th of March we will be in Berlin for the awards. You can follow the show live on German TV at ARD 8:15 pm.
Yours FAUN
Thank you very much!!!
Although we organized and rehearsed for many months, we never knew how everything will work out in the end. We would have never guessed that everything would work out that well. Therefore a big THANK-YOU to the best crew in the world, to everybody who helped us realize this tour and to the enthusiastic audience. The first two sold out shows were amazing and maybe the most important part in this might be the absolutely euphoric atmosphere in the venues.
Dear Faun audience, you are the best!!!
Today we will rest a day and than our tour will continue to Bamberg, Würzburg, Bielefeld, Hannover and many other cities. Looking forward very keenly, yours FAUN.
The German Eurovision Song Contest is over, we didn’t win but we were in a very good mood. It was an exciting and surreal evening, which was a lot of fun.
We are happy to experience such a lot of support by our fans, families, by other bands of our scene and many old friends.
Therefore a very BIG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
It was a pleasure to share the stage with so many gifted and friendly colleagues.
Now we are already in Kiel. Tonight is the first concert of our LUNA TOUR. The first two shows are already sold out.
Again, thank you, yours FAUN.
We will participate in this huge TV event, that decides, which band is going to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Germany has such a beautiful heritage of poetry and traditional folk music. From our very early days on, we got a huge part of our inspiration from this cultural heritage. Therefore we believe, that we would be a good choice to represent Germany at the ESC.
We will participate with our two songs “Hörst du die Trommeln” and “Abschied”. Right now we build a big wooden stage decoration ourselves. We rearranged the two songs, rehearse a lot and are pretty nervous about this big TV event with more than 5 Million viewers. We also know, that this world of glamour and big TV shows will never be our home and that we would feel much more comfortable at a medieval market instead. But we believe in what we do. We believe, that we can raise an interest there for myths and fairy tales and that theses myths of mermaids, elves and ghosts that dwell under a full moon do make our world more alive. And only a world that is perceived as alive will get the respect that it deserves to be protected and valued.
So please help us, watch the show and call for us, because the winner will be selected by telephone votings.
This might be a very big opportunity for us and for sure another crazy adventure on this marvelous journey.
Yours FAUN.
FAUN LUNA – Live & Acoustic in Berlin (release: 27.2.2015)
While rehearsing our LUNA TOUR last November we discovered that some of the LUNA songs sound fantastic as a stripped down acoustic version. We simply wanted to record them and thus organized a small acoustic concert in Berlin last December 2014, where we positioned a lot of microphones.

On the 27th February 2015 we will release this recorded session as “FAUN LUNA – live & acoustic in Berlin”. We decided to do this as a double CD including the Standard edition of LUNA, because LUNA has a lot of meaning and depth for us, including the artwork, the explanation texts and the wholeness of the songs. To only release a few of these songs separated from the rest would not have felt right for us. But we will release this double CD in a noble digipack, only 1,- Euro more expensive than the regular price for a single CD in a plastic jewel case. On the bonus CD are 7 Acoustic songs from the Berlin session, the 2 songs that we re-recorded and rearranged for the Eurovision song contest and one remix of Walpurgisnacht by the genious Christopher Juul (Euzen, Valravn).

We are already looking forward to this acoustic gem and wish you lovely moonlit nights with it, yours FAUN.


Our only concert in the USA in 2014 will be on 7th Nov. in Baltimore at the FAERIECON EAST, a huge convention of authors, musicians, artists and vendors, who are inspired by the faerie realm.


Wow, we can’t believe it. Our latest CD “Luna” was rank #4 in the German Album charts. This is astonishing for a CD, that has such a mystic atmosphere. Thanks a lot again to all the people, who believed in us, who supported us and who made this possible.
Thanks a lot, yours FAUN.


Wow, what a summer. The festivals were a lot of fun, our concerts are better than ever and where do all this thousands of people come from 😉 We feel really blessed by Karma.
If you click these pics you will find a gallery with a few photos from our last concerts. 10 more summer concerts are about to come.
Hopefully see you there, yours FAUN.

It was hard to believe! We’d just returned from the USA, still dreaming about faeries and didn’t fully got down to reality, when we received this message: “FAUN is nominated in 2 categories for the most important german music award, the ECHO.”
We were nominated for the best german Pop / Rock group and for the best Newcomer.

(They didn’t have the categories Paganfolk or Medieval Nordic Folk yet, but we are working on this one 😉 )

Please do wish us good luck, Thursday the 27th March 2014 will be the big day.
We do wonder further about how the things develop these days for us and are very grateful for this honour.
yours FAUN.

More infos:

In a few days we will be performing at the Faeriecon West in Seattle USA.
We are very happy to be a part again of this magnificent event and will celebrate our first concert in 2014 according to Faeriecons motto:
“Celebrating the magical life”.
Last week we played the last concert of our festival season 2013. A big thank you to all the organisers and helpers of all the festivals we played this summer. Above all, a big THANK YOU, to our crew for the great support and of course to the amazing audience, who gives us the possibility to do what we are doing.
As a little memory, we added a photo gallery to our homepage with the nicest concert and backstage pics of this summer.
We are very happy to anounce that we’ve found this most amazing opening act for our VON DEN ELBEN TOUR: JYOTI VERHOEFF.
We are 100% sure that JYOTI will enchant our audience.
Want to know more about Jyoti, take a trip to their homepage:

Here you can find their latest video clip:

It’s gonna be an amazing tour and we are very happy to have them sharing the stage with us.
Tickets are already available via:

The very last concert of our FAUN ACOUSTIC TOUR is now SOLD OUT: Leipzig, April 18th, there will not be any door sale of tickets. But for all those who didn’t get a ticket, we will be playing a lot of amazing festivals & medieval markets this summer. Also the presale of our “VON DEN ELBEN TOUR” have already started. Here we will play a mix of our best live songs and the songs from our latest CD, together with a unique lightshow, a special stage design and a great support act (which will be announced very soon) this will be a highlight of our FAUN history for sure.
Looking forward, yours FAUN.

Tickets presale via:

These days we are on tour again with our seated FAUN ACOUSTIC SHOW. Thanks a lot for the already many visitors and the great atmosphere. It feels good to play live again after the winter break and to let the music become alive.
Coming Sat. (23rd March) is EARTH HOUR, a worldwide event to mobilize people to take action against climate change. Because we do have a concert this evening in the Bochum – Christuskirche and because we do believe, that it is indeed very important to raise the consciousness about our environment, we will play the first half of our concert only in candlelight.Earth Hour:
Tickets via:

Nur noch knapp 2 Wochen bis zu unserer FAUN ACOUSTIC Tour 2013. Wir sind bereits kräftig am üben und Songs heraussuchen.
In bestuhlten Venues, wie Kirchen & Theatern werden wir einen zauberhaften Einblick in die romantische Welt der mittelalterlichen Balladen und Lieder gewähren. 2 Konzerte sind bereits ausverkauft, für die übrigen Konzerte empfehlen wir den Ticket VVK unter:
Außerdem haben wir seit letzter Woche endlich die Festivals und Mittelaltermärkte, die wir im Sommer 2013 spielen auf dieser Homepage veröffentlicht. Wir freuen uns auf dieses spannende Jahr, es wird ein Fest.
FAUN LIVE in German TV

According to the statement “more drone music in the TV” we will play the coming days in these two shows on TV live:
Wednesday 3. March 2013 / BR “Abendschau” / 6:00 – 6:45 pm
Monday 11. March 2013 / ARD “Morgenmagazin” / 6:00 – 8:00 am

Yours FAUN.

“Von den Elben” #7
FAUN “Von den Elben” entered the German Album Charts at number 7 today.
We are very happy and proud. Thanks a lot and see you soon on our coming tours,
yours FAUN.

Finally a FAUN release is available in VINYL!!!
FAUN TOTEM (33 rpm) in a deluxe gatefold with spot gloss with double sided insert incl. the bonus track “Zwei Falken (acoustic)”.
Available only in this webshop:
FAUN TOTEM VINYL – Gold 12″ vinyl (limited to 100 copies worldwide!!!)
& FAUN TOTEM VINYL – Black 12″ vinyl
Additionally this edition will be available at the merchandise booth of our “Märchen &anp; Mythen Tour”:
FAUN TOTEM VINYL – Silver 12″ vinyl (limited to 300 copies worldwide!!!)

So we hope to have faunified your Yule Season a lot 😉
Yours FAUN


It will be for sure the richest and most awesome setlist we ever played. We will perform old songs, that we haven’t played for many years, as well as completely new songs. Songs of the VON DEN ELBEN CD, as well as the best songs from our festival shows 2013. With a new stage design, with the celtic harp, lutes, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and many more instruments and the enchanting support act Jyoti Verhoeff, we ourselves cannot wait to hit the road with this new show.

Berlin is already sold out, many other venues are nearly sold out. We strongly recommend the ticket presale via:

See you soon,
yours FAUN.

We are proudly announcing: Last Thursday we got the first GOLDEN RECORD in our band history. Thanks a lot to Birgit from Elektrola, who had the idea for the design of this beautiful gold awards. Also a big “thank you” to the team of Elektrola, Valicon, Elephant and Starwatch, whom are to a large extend responsible for this amazing achievement. Here you can see our happy faces, just seconds after we recieved the awards.
We are looking forward to celebrate this success with you at the coming festivals: Wacken, Castlefest, MPS Köln, here we come 😉
yours FAUN